[NEBULA] Having troubles configuring NSG50 with fiber

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We have troubles configuring WAN access on NSG50

We activate WAN1 on Port 2 and set internet configuration (WAN IP, SUBNET & GW) and it's working

We have fiber 100mbps but in this config : Port 2 is set on auto nego / full - duplex  speed 100

But speedtest send this ... :

If i activate speed 1000 on Port 2 WAN, the link fall down.

I do the same thing with USG 40 and speedtest goes to 100mbps like we want.

What's wrong with NSG50 ??

Thank you and sorry for my english

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  • gedis
    gedis Posts: 2
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    I solve the problem : 
    Port2 was in half duplex, i change it on full and it goes like : 

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