How to download a AP date firmware by a USG/Zywall with the cloud server?

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When a AP with a date firmware which is fixed some bugs or enhanced features, and also it's newer than the current AP's version which is managed by a USG/Zywall, please download the AP date firmware by the USG/Zywall with the cloud server as the following steps.


1.Change the download path in USG/Zywall by CLI commands:

 Router> configure terminal 

 Router> capwap firmware-update source <FW version>

 For example:

Router> configure terminal 

Router> capwap firmware-update source 5.30(.2)-DF-2018-11-28


2.On the USG/Zywall's GUI 

Wireless > AP Management > Firmware page,  Click “Check” and “Apply”


3.AP starts to update the date firmware.


4.After the AP finish to upgrade the date firmware, change the download path to the official by CLI commands.

Router> configure terminal 

Router> capwap firmware-update source official