[NEBULA] I bought a AP which is already registered

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i bought a NAP102 via ebay which is already registered.

Who can delete the AP in the Nebula Cloud, I´m not sure if the seller will do or can do.

can Zyxel help?

br Andreas

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    I've encountered the same issue once, but as I recall there is a Link in the warning page that says "That the device has already been registered blablabla. ( pardon me I don't exactly remember written in the warning page😁)"

    After entering the link, you will need to fill up some information. Then the administrator will contact you with mail. The support was fast.


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    Hi @Andye,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    Due to some privacy concerns, I'll PM you to retrieve more detail information.



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    Hi @Andye ,

    As discussed in PM, the problem is solved.

    Root Cause: The NAP102 has already been registered by another account.

    Solution: Reset the registry information of the NAP102.

    Note: If you've encountered the same issue again you may click the "here" button in the warning page to let the system inform us immediately, as the figure below:

    If there is any other concern, please feel free to post a new discussion.

    Thanks for supporting Nebula.


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    I have a similar issue. I purchased a NAP203 and was trying to reset and register it, but get an error that says "this device is already registered".  I don't have access to the seller to ask them to unregister the device. Is there a way Zyxel can unregister the device so I can register it under my info?
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    Hi @aakp ,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    In order to solve your issue, please use Nebula APP on your mobile phone to scan your QR code of your Nebula device.

    If register your device by using Nebula APP still shows warning message, please PM me your device MAC/SN, and also enable Zyxel support request, which located at HELP > support request on NCC web portal, and provide us your Org name. We will then help you to do further action.

    Hope it helps,

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