[NEBULA] Setup easy VPN connection to a NSG50

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Hi there,

Can i find a manual somewhere, how i can setup a NSG50 as a VPN server?

My situation: a NSG50 is in the DMZ of a NAT gateway.

In the NSG50 i made several VLAN, i would like for clients to be able to connect to one of the VLAN with their laptop so they can access local devices (a NAS) in that network.

I was not able to find a quick solotion how i could make this work, if someone could give me a hint :)

gr. Bram

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  • Bram_Lortye

    Hi @Alfonso, thanks for the quick response!

    I already saw the link you provided, but that's not what i mean.

    As i understand it correct, the tutorial in the link describes how to make the NSG client of another VPN server.

    I am looking for the other way around. I want the NSG to be my VPN server, where i can connect to (with windows-native-vpn setup or a client vpn tool or something like that).

    In a lot of routers i am familiar with, i can easy setup a VPN server in the router, on the devices you want to connect you simply install a client (exampl. OpenVPN client-app or something like that).

    Perhaps i'm looking at it all wrong, i would like to connect (with a windows-laptop/tablet/smartphone) to the LAN network behind the NSG to acces a NAS and other machines.

    Perhaps there is not such a functionality (yet) in the NSG's, then i have to find another solution.

    Thanks for your time and help.

    gr. Bram

  • Alfonso
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    HI @Bram_Lortye

    Obviously it can be done with NSG.

    I recommend to configure an IPSEC L2TP server, because most of devices can establish that kind of VPN.

    A "how to" can be found at:



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