How to forward traffic to branch site server after client established VPN tunnel

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Scenario: Site#A and SiteB are established site to site VPN tunnel. How to forward traffic to Site#B after client connected VPN tunnel to Site#A.

VPN client can be L2TP/SSL VPN/ IPSec VPN. Client will get the IP address which assigned by Site#A router.

In this scenario, VPN client got IP after established L2TP VPN tunnel to Site#A.

You can add policy route rule on both of routers to forward traffic.

(1) On Site#A (Rule for traffic to Site#B)

(2) On Site#B (Rule for traffic back to Client on Site#A)

After added these rules on both of firewalls, then traffic is able forward to server without any problem.


  • Brano
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    Hi Stanley
    hope you're doing well
    I'm in very same scenario as described in your schema and I'm trying to make available Site B LAN subnet for VPN IPsec Clients. I added routing policy rules, but I still cannot reach Site B IPs.
    Site A ZyWall 110
    Site B USG Flex 200

    VPN SitetoSite works ok

    IPSEC VPN for clients connecting to Site A ( work ok, clients can reach Local LAN. VPC Client use IP - 100

    Site A Routing Policy Rule

    Site B Routing Policy Rule 

    I cannot get the routing to Site B work over VPN for the VPC clients. Any suggestion how this can be troubleshoot? 
    Rgds, Brano
  • Zyxel_Tobias
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    Hi @Brano

    Can you try if it works following this guide?

    Make sure the 10.11.11. Subnet is NOT configured on Site B (LAN or any other).

    Kind Regards,

  • Brano
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    Thank you for your post Tobias.
    I added route policies suggested by the guide, but packets are not still reaching Site B LAN. 

    Site A Routes
    WIZ_Site2Site_Kop  ---- Site2site VPN tunnel
    WIZ_Site2Site_Kop_Remote  ---- Site B LAN
    VPN IP Range ---- VPN Clients IP range it does not conflict with any existing subnet in my network 
    Dyn_Clt_SELF ---- Client IPsec VPN 

    Site B Routes
    WIZ_Site2Site_Tur ---- Site2site VPN tunnel
    WIZ_Site2Site_Tur_LOCAL ---- Site B LAN
    VPN_Client ---- VPN Clients IP range

    Well, I'm struggling to understand what may be preventing packet to flow there. Packet  capture and inspection is not my strong suit.

    Any advice is apprciated.

    rgds, Brano
  • Ian31
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    Here the problem, is not included in the local policy for client.
    So that the traffic from client to will not go into the VPN tunnel.

    You can change the local policy to subnet ( ~, which include both and