[Release Note] Nebula Control Center - Phase 7.2 software has been released!

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Zyxel Nebula Control Center

Release Note

June, 2019

New Feature and Enhancements

  1. AP now supports sign-in with Facebook WiFi. (Pro-Pack feature)
  2. RSSI threshold can be configured by per-AP basis. (Pro-Pack feature)
  3. Added Wireless Health feature to 11ac wave 2 and beyond series AP. (Pro-Pack feature)
  4. AP DCS default behavior is changed to 'Scheduled, 03:00am, on all weekdays".
  5. AP DCS interval is restricted to 60~1440 minutes.
  6. AP added Station Roaming logs to trace roaming event.
  7. Device/License import usability is improved.
  8. Added Gateway traffic to site-wide summary report.
  9. A remind dialog is added before running Switch Cable Diagnostic.
  10. Added support 6 AP models:
    1. WAC6103D-I
    2. WAC6502D-E
    3. WAC6502D-S
    4. WAC6503D-S
    5. WAC6552D-S
    6. WAC6553D-E
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