XGS1930-52HP reboots after a period of time

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I have a XGS1930-52HP, it reboots around one month and showing this error message:

'262 Fri Jun 7 13:48:12 2019 PP2e -ERROR SYSTEM RESET: addr=20270d18

263 Fri Jun 7 13:48:12 2019 PP2e ERROR RTOS ERROR: 7d PC: 20272b94'

Does anyone know what happen to my Switch?


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  • Zyxel_Albert
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    Hi @John_Wick

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    According to the attached logs we've identified that the switch has run out of its memory while it executes NCC discovery. We are going to release a patch FW to fix this issue soon.

    During this period please disable NCC discovery to avoid the issue happens again.

    Best Regards