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    It is strange that the AC pro is operating at 16dBm...

    Power regulations for Netherlands should be 200mW for 5G channels (according to cisco). Which is equal to 23dBm.

    I guess that explains why your clients are preferring the 2.4G channel on site-2.


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    Hi @ConnectingIT,

    Thanks for the test results and information.

    We had double confirmed the inquiry and following is the answers:

    1) The dBm for 5GHz is 16dBm, because of the country channel regulation. Every country has its own standard power regulation for every specific channels. Then we design our product by following the standard rule. For example, based on your screenshot the 5GHz channels are 44*/48/36/40 = 16dBm.

    2) Due to NWA1123AC-PRO & NWA1123AC-HD were designed on different entry level with different chip-sets, so there will a difference about the results.

    Hope you understand.



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