NWA1123-ACv2 Firmware 5.46(ABEL.0)C0 - Errors

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Hello all

Recently I spent some more time with NWA1123-ACv2 Access Points and noticed some odd behaviour with firmware 5.46(ABEL.0)CO.

Out of the box, the wizard needs to be run and afterwards several settings have been made. For instance SSID-Profiles "WizSSID1, WizSSID2, etc" and Securtity Profiles "Wiz_SEC_Profile_1, Wiz_SEC_Profile_2"

Because I don't like the namingsystem and having unused profiles, I previously connected with ssh and deleted these profiles by running a script. This is still possible but afterwards new profiles cannot be added anymore in the webinterface. This can only be done with ssh by renaming an invisible profile by it's ID. To avoid this, I now use:

"wlan-ssid-profile rename WizSSID1 ssid_MyNewName"

"wlan-security-profile rename Wiz_SEC_Profile_2 sec_MyNewName"

Also this BETA(!) wizard configures the timezone, ntp server and daylight savingstime. The last one is configured wrong in our timezone (Switzerland). The Summertime starts at 02:00 in the night and not at 01:00 0'clock. Wintertime starts at 03:00 in the night and not at 01:00 o'clock

Like I said in the beginning, the wizard needs to be run. I would like to disable the wizard like the Nebula message (don't show again). Unfortunately this is not possible. A workaround turned out to be simple enough. Start AP, Sign in, Cancel the wizard and manually add a SSID with some name and save it. After this, the wizard does not start and manually starting it, results in a message, that the wizard cannot be startet due to a manual configuration which was found.

In general, Zyxel, please make wizards optional, not mandatory.




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    Hi @Eric_,

    Thanks for your suggestion, regarding to the part of the naming system and having unused profiles of the wizard, we will discuss internally if there is any enhancement in the future.

    Today I tried to configure the timezone, NTP server and daylight saving time with Switzerland by wizard. It should be able to adjust to the correct daylight time as below screenshot. Could you check that again?

    In general , using the wizard usually is for users who are unfamiliar with the product or first time use the product, so if the user is an expert or someone who is familiar with the product, we usually recommend to use the manual configuration. Currently the design of our wizard is only worked on when the AP is the default setting, so after doing the manual settings, the wizard cannot be started as you mentioned.

    However, thank you for giving us the good suggestions, we will discuss this matter or refer to the wizard mechanism of Nebula and so on.


    Panda Chang

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    Hello Panda Chang

    Thanks for your feedback.

    I tried the wizard and the time was set to 01:00 o'clock and not at 02:00 resp. 03:00 o'clock.

    As for the wizard in general. It is nice to have some help in this form, as long as it is optional. On the NWA1123-Acv2 the wizard can be cancelled and won't start again until the AP is back to factory default. I can live with that and can only hope that the Zywall/USG/ATP firmware will support this too one day (soon).

    Thanks again and greeting from Switzerland


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    Is there any solution for the Wiz_SEC_Profile_1 problem for NWA210AX?
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    Sorry, now we still need to ignore the Wizard setting so that you can adjust the SSID name by yourself.
    Our Wizard setting is designed for the beginner, so we want to make it easy fpr the beginner to configure the SSID setting. We fix the SSID profile and SSID security profile name and the same id SSID profile and SSID security fix the same group.

    If you want to change the SSID profile name, we suggest that you can ignore the Wizard Setting. You need to reset the AP and ignore the Wizard message. 
    And then you can create your SSID profile and adjust the SSID profile name.

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    Hi Jay,

    The pre-created Wiz_X_Profile_X profiles for security , SSID, radios filled up all slots and did not go away after resetting the device. I had to use CLI to clean up the AP.