How to create an SSID on Standalone mode

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There are guide shows how to create an SSID on Standalone mode.


All profiles are used as examples in this article. Please replace them with your actual profile. This example was viewed using NWA210X (Firmware Version: V6.30(ABTD.3)).


1.    Open the Configuration >> Object >> AP profile >> SSID

Click the "Add" to create a new SSID-Profile

2.    Configure SSID and VLAN ID according to your requirements

3.    If security measurements are required, open the “Security profile” tab. (The security is Open as default)

4.    Add a Security Profile and set it up

The new Security Profile added to the SSID.

Go to Configuration > Wireless > AP management

Choose the SSID profile for radio 1 (2.4GHz) and Radio 2(5GHz) > Click Apply

Clients connect successfully to the SSID by the password.

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