Set multiple IP subnet ranges for Security Gateway Services

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In the Security Gateway, Firewall, Security Policy section, it would be nice to be able to set multiple IP ranges for ping and Web (local status & configuration)... Currently you can only set one range/network of IP addresses, not a comma separated list like you can with other firewall rules. We use a load balancer so sometimes our traffic goes out in one range, and other times another. It really sucks to have to change the IP address range to the one I am currently using.

For example, this is allowed:

But this is not:

Substituting proper numbers for X and Y of course.


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    Hi @steves ,

    I follow your example and I can configure like this without error message:

  • steves
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    Interesting, that did work for me... Another inconsistency in the UI. In other areas you put them as a comma separated list, but here it has to be one per line.

    Thank you!

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