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The AP is showing offline in Nebula Portal. We have check the AP and it was not blinking any lights.

Troubleshooting steps performed:

  1. Re-seat ethernet cable.
  2. Change ethernet cable.
  3. Plug in other ethernet port.
  4. Power cycle AP for 5 mins.

With the above steps performed, the AP is still showing offline in Nebula and on physical check, the AP is not producing any lights.

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  • Zyxel_Freda
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    Hi @TACHub_Systems,

    I'll PM you for checking detail. Thanks.

  • Zyxel_Freda
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    Hi @TACHub_Systems,

    We got the ticket you created for this device, so let's tracking on ticket system.

    BTW, because of the private issue, we deleted the screenshot you provided.


  • Beboutch
    bonjour, un de mes point d'acces fonctionne mais pas le deuxieme (offline sur nebula et clignotte jaune/vert sur l'appareil) pas de soucis de cable (j'ai échangé les points d'accès)

    Hello, one of my access points is working but the second one is not (offline on nebula and flashing yellow/green on the device) no cable problems (I swapped the access points)

  • Zyxel_Richard
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    Hi @Beboutch

    The LED of flashing yellow/green means the AP is trying to negotiate with the NCC.

    1. Could you please first reset your AP by pressing the rest button on the back panel, and make sure the AP is already registered on your Nebula Site, and check if it's online on NCC?

    2. If it's still offline, please check which IP the AP gets. Usually it should get the IP address instead of ""
    (As an approach, you can install the ZON utility on your laptop, and connect it to your network, then open the ZON and start scanning and checking device's information)
    (ZON download link: https://www.zyxel.com/products_services/Zyxel-ONE-Network-Utility-ZON-Utility/)

    3. Third, type the IP address of the AP you've found on the browser, and then you can access device's Web GUI, by typing the default account admin/1234, you can see the status on the dashboard, where we can see the connection status to the NCC

    4. In your Nebula Org, please enable the zyxel support from the directory/screenshot below

    5. Besides providing us the results/screenshots of above actions, please also tell us in which Org and Site the device is registered? This way we can further decide what case you're currently facing with, and how to solve it.

    Best Regards,

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