[NEBULA] slow wifi speed NAC112-ACV2

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Customer has 100 Mbps Internet which we verify by doing mulitple speedtest with cable.

When connecting different NWA1123-ACV2 we get variable speed between 20-50 Mbps speed.

We have tried to new Macbook, one old macbook, and a iphone 7. All devices connect with appx. 650 Mbts in the Nebula console.

There areno other wirelessignales nearby.

What may cause this? First time we have seen this.

We have of course chcked all ports on router, different cables etc.

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    Hi @FrankIversen,

    Based on the description, may I know how did you determined that there is no other interference signals nearby? Did you use any software to scan the environment?

    When doing the test, are the radio (2.4G/5G) & channel of the station (new/old Macbook and iPhone7) is the same? As the example below, the result must be close.

    1. AP1 ))) New Macbook (5G/ 161 channel) = 50Mbps
    2. AP2 ))) New Macbook (5G/ 161 channel) = 45Mbps

    Sincerely yours,



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