[NEBULA] Global AP NWA1123-ACv2 Reboot From Nebula Control Center

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Good morning,
in our structure we have linked to Nebula 10 AP NWA1123-ACv2.
I wanted to know if it is possible to reboot all the APs at once or if we need to do a single reboot for each machine.
Thanks for the help and suggestions.

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    Hi @Giacomo,

    Welcome to Zyxel community!

    For rebooting all APs at once, we had already consider adding an action button to reboot devices in the Device list page.

    The current design for now is to enter the AP page one by one to reboot devices as steps below:

    1) Go to AP -> Monitor -> Access point

    2) Choose and click the AP. Example: NAP203_Jonas

    3) After entering the AP page, scroll down till you see the "Live tools", enter the "Reboot AP" then click "Reboot" button to reboot the device.

    Hope it helps.




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