How to Enlarge Managed AP Number with License

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This example shows how to enlarge managed AP number with license. The default managed AP number for NXC2500 is 8 units and NXC5500 is 64 units. If you want to control more than default managed units, it’s necessary to import the license to enlarge managed AP number.


Figure.  Enlarge Managed AP Number


All network IP addresses and subnet masks are used as examples in this article. Please replace them with your actual network IP addresses and subnet masks. This example was tested using USG20v2 (Firmware Version: V4.15), NXC2500 (Firmware Version: 5.40), GS2210-8HP (Firmware Version: V4.30).

1.1 Device Registration

1     Click the hyperlink on NXC controller’s GUI to connect in CONFIGURATION > Licensing > Registration.

2     After log in the registration portal, click the Device Registration to register a device by filling in the MAC Address and Serial Number. Click Submit.

3     Click Next to activate security services on the device, and click Close in next step.

1.2 Service Registration

1     Click Service Registration and fill in the License Key. Click Submit to register the license key.

2     Click Service Management, and click the Link. Select a device, and then click Submit to activate the license key for the selected device.

1.3 License Refresh

1     Click Service License Refresh in below path of NXC controller web GUI. Go to CONFIGURATION > Licensing > Registration.

1.4 Test the Result

1     The Count of Managed AP number changes from 8 to 16 in CONFIGURATION > Licensing > Registration.