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I have a minor issue with my syslog feed out of a nebula managed XGS1930-28 switch. The switch syslog events uses the event date as the device name(compared to the ip address used while the device is not under nebula) so it's hard for me to find the events on my rsyslog history.

Here is a sample event:

1 2019-08-30T15:59:02.811421+02:00 2019-08-30 - - - 2019-08-30 13:59:01 XGS1930 switch: Cloud: Set IP on VLAN 1 by Local

The firmware is up to date.

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    Dear @matteosaitta ,

    The screenshot below is what I test in my local office. is a XGS1930 Switch in standalone mode. is another XGS1930 Switch in cloud mode.

    In my Syslog server, the message shows similar between standalone mode and cloud mode.(UTC+0 time + event)

    Also, the IP address of each Switch shows correctly in the Host column.

    Hope it helps.

  • My syslog server relies on the declared hostname rather than the ip address as your syslog server does, so there are some issues. I have opened a service request and will continue troubleshooting there.

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