[NEBULA] Where can I set default in orgs/sites?

SYK Posts: 32  Freshman Member
edited April 2021 in Nebula
Hi, Everyone.

I'd like to set default all in some orgs/sites as one-click. Is this available?
Please let me know.


  • Triceratops
    Triceratops Posts: 8  Freshman Member
    @SYK What do u mean about "default all"?
  • RUnglaube
    RUnglaube Posts: 135  Ally Member
    I would say that could be risky... either way, you can just move the devices to another "blank" site, in that way you won't loose the configuration of the original site.

    Been there, done that :wink:
    "You will never walk along"
  • SYK
    SYK Posts: 32  Freshman Member
    Thank you.It means flash configures in org/site of NCC.

    That's great idea! It's the solution! I'll do that. Thank you!

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