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Hi, I set up my NWA1123 AC-PRO with a WPA key. But the network remains open to everybody. How can I change this. On the dashboard everything is set to "protected". Can anyone help? Thanks. :-)


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    Looks like your AP hasn't been updated. Check the configuration status in AP page.

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  • Thanks RUnglaube. Meanwhile everything is up and running. Took me quite a while to figure out how everything works. If this all would be a bit more intuitive, I'd be pretty happy. Anyway, it works now. Thanks again for your yime. :-)

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    Hi @Privilege_1958,

    After modifying the configuration of the AP, you may go to the AP => Monitor => Access point then click the specific AP and at the "Status" field you could check the configuration status. "Up to date" means that the configuration is successfully applied to the AP.




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