No longer access to router web interface via Ethernet cable nor via remote access with IP Public

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On the VMG8924-B10A routers, we are encountering 2 issues to get access to the GUI (web interface):

• The 1st one, after deploying a new router with the latest firmware version, when we plug a brand new network cable into the Ethernet port, the access to the local address on a web page times out for some reason. This issue only seems to happen a few weeks later the 1st installation of the device where everything used to be working fine.

• The 2nd issue is, the remote access has been made "enable" for HTTP and HTTPS in the router management settings, for some reason this stops working after a few weeks since we cannot reach the GUI / web interface remotely anymore via the Static IP Public address provided by the ISP.

Note, in both cases the router itself works fine in terms of providing Internet service.

Can you please provide support on this that would be really helpful

Thanks, Mickael

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  • Hi Mickael

    Which FW version you are using now? AAKL28C0?

    Seems 1st issue means you have problem log in GUI from LAN side, and 2nd issue means from WAN side. If 2nd issue(WAN side) is happening, will 1st issue(LAN side) also happen? 

  • Hi Hikari,

    The FW version we are using is (AAKL.28)C0, which is the latest one.

    Yes, when the log in to GUI problem on WAN side happens, the LAN side is also happening. The access to GUI is locked up from both sides. Also, as this similar issue was also happening on the old FW versions such as (AAKL.10)C0 and (AAKL.15)C0, we have only been able to upgrade our zyxel routers to the latest (AAKL.28)C0.version through a remote monitoring management software, called "UMP Cloud AVSystem", which uses the TR-069 protocol. We were thinking that this way, the GUI access issue will be resolved by upgrading to the latest FW version, but this is not the case. 

    On the other hand, so far the only way we have found to fix the GUI access issue is to physically reset (via a paper clip) our zyxel routers in production, and rebuild all the config settings from scratch, then finally proceed the latest FW upgrade version. The downside of it, is to reconfig. the router settings on each individual device on our Campus.

    However, by upgrading the latest FW via our remote management tool, this does NOT seem to fix the GUI access issue.

    Any ideas to help please? Thanks for your support.

    Regards, Mickael

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