[NEBULA] Use an insightful security report to protect your network

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In this digital age, IT administrators often face significant hurdles when it comes to protecting their organizations’ digital assets and productivity against ever-evolving stealthy security threats including phishing attacks, viruses, unauthorized applications, and blocked websites. A lot of times, they would have to address these issues with limited budgets and resources, especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Implementing unified threat management (UTM) can be a viable, cost-effective solution for SMBs since it offers the functionality of network security management with less cost; however, it usually does not provide adequate visibility reporting capability. Thus, SIEM (security information and event management) or other management report is needed, which not only adds to the complexity of management since it is not integrated with the existing system, but also drives the total cost of ownership (TCO) up for businesses with the software/hardware implementation and training required, etc.

Nebula Cloud Managed Security Gateway

The Zyxel Nebula Cloud Managed Security Gateway (NSG) is built with an extensive suite of security features including ICSA-certified firewall, IPsec VPN connectivity, intrusion detection prevention (IDP) and application patrol, content filtering as well as anti-virus. With Nebula’s cloud-managed interface, IT administrators can input and manage configurations and security policies with a single point of management without the hassle of juggling between multiple devices/operating systems while keeping the cost down.

Every NSG is pre-bundled with one-year Nebula Security Service – Security Pack (NSS–SP), including the licenses for IDP and Application Patrol, Content Filtering and Anti-virus. After a year, users may choose to extend their NSS-SP license or continue using the device without the premium security services. The NSS-SP license is sold separately from the Professional Pack license.

The Nebula Security Service (NSS) Analysis Report

The NSS Analysis Report is a newly-developed advanced reporting feature in NSS-SP, using the same UTM approach for network security management. Unlike many other UTM vendors only covering the security functionality on a box/appliance, the NSS Analysis Report integrates a wide range of security visibility features together in a single Nebula’s cloud-interface to further offer SIEM capability. The NSS Analysis Report provides a beneficial summary of the network activities including application patrol, content filtering, and anti-virus, without an expensive upgrade to SIEM or a third party security management. It not only allows IT administrators to understand the network user behaviors to better manage bandwidth usage and boost employee productivity, but also helps to get a clear understanding of the statistics of blocked malwares and unwanted/botnet web sites.

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