[NEBULA] Zyxel NWA1123-AC HD Poor Throughput

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Been using the NWA1123-AC HD for some time now, but the performance on AC is not that great. My personal laptop has a good link, but performances is around ~300Mbit/s measured with iperf. I do not have this issue on competitor hardware.
I am aware of the issue with certain built-in functions, that need to be disabled to get full performance. Is there a list so I can check those? I am using the free cloud controller and have disabled functionality mentioned on the forum that impedes the performance. Maybe I missed something or is this another issue?


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    Hi @kilodeltakilo

    After AP firmware v5.50, there are two features going to impact the wireless performance.

      - Captive portal

      - Rate limiting

    Please check here about the performance of NWA1123-AC HD.

    If you didn't enable these two features, would you share the AP's location and your test condition for us to help check about the performance issue.


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