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Hi all

I like the event log that comes with "reasons". Its a very powerful way to do some simplere troubleshooting.
- Did client dissconnect?
- Did client leave on purpose?
- Was the authentication wrong?
- Maybe roaming to 2,4ghz.

But there should be a description of the reasons shown. Maybe just a link to some good explantions, of what the "Reasons" mean.
And it should be possible to identify by the user name or maybe more options.

Overall its about Client feedback. "What is happening with the client."
It must be the first step in all WiFi troubleshooting. . .
"We got a client that cant connect. Lets go see how this client is actually communicating with the AP".

If client really cant connect or keeps disconnecting, then there WILL be some information in the communication from client to AP, that is useful in the troubleshooting starting process.


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    I like this concept! it does require some time to troubleshoot, being more detailed does help alot.
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    Hi @Mikethk

    Your idea of the eventlogs truely will be helpful for IT/support personel to have a easier day at work.
    We now have plans to enhance the overall message displays of eventlogs, it is expected to have more information and much recognizable feedback. It is scheduled in 2nd half of 2018.
    However details are still in work, so be sure to stay updated on the forum.

    Cheers :)

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