[NEBULA] Registred NWA1123-AC Pro remains in standalone mode

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I'm a newbie in Zyxel products and have a question regarding the AP.

I have a GS1920 Switch and two NWA1123-AC Pro access points. The three items are successfully registered in Nebula, but one of the two access points remains "offline". There is no cloud connect active.

When administering as standalone, everything works fine.

Dear Customer,

Congratulations! You have registered the following Nebula device.

Model: NWA1123ACPRO

MAC Address: BC:CF:...

Serial Number: S192L...

What could went wrong?

Thai you  in advance :-)

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  • Klekki
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    Solved, the Timezone was 1h different and after the change and one night the cloud is active :-)
  • Zyxel_Freda
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    Hello @Klekki,
    After you report this issue, we checked it and one of our services to ensure the Nebula cloud management communication security was not properly upgraded to the latest HTTPS certificate. For security, Nebula device rejects the connection and caused the service interrupts.
    The issue has been resolved and AP should be able to online now.

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