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I wanted to understand the differences in performance between the implementation of a mesh system with AP NWA 1123 AC PRO and the Multy X system.

It seemed to me that the Multy X system, being tri-band, dedicates a 5ghz band to establish a dedicated connection between the APs without loss of performance.




While the smart mesh system built with AP NWA 1123 AC PRO, being dual-band should have lower performance




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Since the Multy X system is a home system, it is not possible to manage it with nebula, is there a business system that guarantees the same performance in mesh configuration as the Multy X system?

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    Multy is a tri-band AP, tri-band includes 5G(High frequency), 5G(Low frequency), and 2.4G.

    Those three bands has different usage, 5G(High frequency) is for the backhaul connection between Multy and Multy, and 5G(Low frequency) and 2.4G are for the clients which mean the WiFi that wireless devices used.

    Because Multy has an independent path(5G High) for each Multys and an independent path(5G Low) for wireless devices, the transfer speed can be 100% to the second Multy.

    Compare with dual band AP, the single 5G has to receive the connection from the root ap, and broadcast the wifi signal to client in the same time, that's why the performance will decrease on the second AP.

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    Hello @BCS ,

    As the information you found, Multy X uses one of the band dedicates to establish the connection between APs, so the uplink and downlink can be transmitted at the same time without degradation. 

    But, the NWA1123-AC PRO only dual bands and uses one of the bands to transmit the traffic uplink or downlink at once, so the speed of the repeater will be degradation. However, the Multy X is a home router but NWA1123-AC PRO is usually used as business network that needs easy management and expansion like Nebula. There will be a new Nebula AP, 802.11ax WiFi 6 Unified Pro Access Point, in next year and we do consider your requirement of smart mesh but there's no exact released time for it. We'll note you when there's any update for this feature.


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