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  • Airfox
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    Are there any plans for a small/mobile Nebula Security Gateway for mobile/remote users?

    I'm thinking of a device which would connect to a hotel wifi or ethernet - via RJ45.

    The device then uses the Nebula to auto setup VPNs to our office & warehouse - no input from me at all.

    Then I can simply connect my laptop, phone, tablet, etc to the device via wifi and work as if I was using our regular office VPN, all with the benefits of the cloud security systems.

    [Just realised I've posted this in the wrong place, but i cant find a way to delete or move.]

  • Zyxel_Chris
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    Hello, @Airfox

    In this case I will recommend to use L2TP over IPsec VPN, please refer to this link by this way the communication is encrypted and L2TP is usually built-in on most of OS system.?


  • Airfox
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    Hi Chris,

    Sorry, this is not the solution I was looking for.

    L2TP is not a 'Zero touch deployment' option - it requires setting up on all three devices.

    L2TP does not offer any security - virus, spam, intrusion, etc.

    L2TP to Nebula has issues on Windows 10 devices.

    This does not give me a small local (dhcp) network of devices in my hotel room.

    If I were to take the L2TP route I may just as well forget Nebula altogether and go back to my my Zywall 310 & USG 40Ws.

  • Nebula_Bayardo
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    Hi @Airfox

    We understand your request to bring one small "portable" gateway to the Nebula family, making easy to setup VPNs and local networks on the go.

    I will move your post to the ideas section so others that have the same need can support this request ?️.


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