[NEBULA] Route between Port Group 1 and Port Group 2

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Good morning,

i have a simple question but i can't found a solution.

This is my scenario:

WAN1 -> Public IP (Internet)

Port Group 1 (Lan1) ->

Port Group 2 (Lan3) -> static, dhcp disabled

I'm in a migration scenario, my old lan is 192.168.62.X with a switch and all the old assigned computer. The new lan is the new one, have correctly access to internet and all work well.

I need that the computer in the new lan (192.168.10.x) can reach computer in the old lan (192.168.62.x), in nebula, how can configure that?

Thank you!!

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    Is it the typo of Lan3, as I know there is no Lan3 on NSG.

    Do you configure the default gateway setting on the 192.168.62.X computer? Since it should not have the issue to communicate between 2 LANs on NSG and can you reach (ping) to LAN1 interface from 192.168.62.X subnet?

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    Hello @Marco77

    Can you access to 192.168.62.X now? Feel free to let me know if the issue still persist.



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