[NEBULA] NSG200 dropping packets randomly from LAN to WAN when IDS/IPS enabled

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We are seeing some odd behavior with IDS/IPS Enabled where clients are randomly blocked to WAN but LAN traffic keeps working. If they disconnect from wireless and reconnect they work again but continue to fail randomly. Any client using wireless receives multiple messages from their device throughout the day "your device is not connected to internet."

The only work around so far is to disable IDS/IPS. Firmware is latest, power cycled, etc. Can't find anything in the logs about whey Intrusion Detection/Prevention dropping/blocking clients.

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    Hello @travisb

    IDP should only take affect on traffic from WAN to LAN, will not block the LAN to WAN traffic.

    Noticed that you have also raise the ticket via eITS channel, will contact you on it, thank you.



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