Where can I setup LLDP-MED in Nebula portal

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I have several Nebula switches I have "nebulized" and added them to my site and inventory online. When I do so, I lose all my advanced configuration options at the local management level. When they are not in Nebula, I can see options for LLDP so that I can make smart aware devices, like VOIP phones, automatically grab VLAN info for QOS, DHCP scope, etc. When in the Nebula portal, to configure these same exact switches after being added to my inventory, I lose the option. Is it hidden somewhere or disabled for a reason? I want to make sure these are setup correctly, Nebula seems like a good platform (similar to Meraki's online dashboard) but it seems to impose configuration limitations. Please kindly reply with our options, thanks!

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    Hi @Quality_Drive_Away ,

    Thanks for supporting Nebula!

    Please note that the configuration on Hybrid Switch which is in standalone mode will be reset to default and apply the new configuration from NCC after it is registered and gets online on NCC(The Switch changes to cloud mode).

    For LLDP-MED feature of Nebula Switch(Cloud mode), it is already in our road map.

    I will move this post to idea section.

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    Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately, it appears I will need to move all my switches from Nebula back to a "stand alone" mode until it is more mature. The idea behind the Nebula is solid, but if we lose important features, it is really hard to justify it.

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    Any update about that?
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    Hi @Quality_Drive_Away and @Assitek,

    LLDP-MED is already available on Nebula CC currently.
    The configuration page is located at Switch > Configure > Switch settings > Voice VLAN.


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