[News] What’s new in Nebula Mobile V1.5

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Nebula Mobile extends Nebula cloud management to your iOS and Android devices, letting you view the status of your access points, switches and security gateways all at a glance; switch between your mobile app and Nebula Control Center seamlessly. With the whole new user interface design, you are able to add Nebula devices to the cloud much easily than ever before. :+1::+1::+1:
:star: Brand-new user interface
:star: Add devices even more faster
:star: View network status at a glance
:star: Quickly identifying online/offline devices
:star: See the detailed information of your Nebula devices
:star: Support “keep me logged in”
:star: Enhance performance

What’s more, you can go back to forum anytime just clicking the right-hand-side control panel while using the app! :o

Download to play it now =)

For iOS
For android


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    Great! Downloading it !
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    Looks like the graphic has changed
  • SYK
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    This is so cool!
  • JPB
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    Still not available on Windows phones
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    RIP Windows
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    cool stuff! never know theres an APP