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Hey there,

I'm currently exploring the Nebula cloud and have added a few of our switches to the nebula cloud for testing purposes.

We're running the switches in a school environment and the Loop Protection is one of the reason why we've choosen Zyxel devices (Unifi for example supports RSTP, but doesn't seem support Loop Protection (I've tried it today) , so this would be a great marketing point for Zyxel :P). 

However when some students have fun while connecting two ends of a single cable to the same unmanaged switch which is connected to a Zyxel switch the port is correctly disabled, however we have to manually enable them in the webinterface afterwards (at least in standalone mode, so I think this would be in cloud mode as well?).

In standalone mode you can configure the ErrDisable intervall, to reenable the port automatically after the issue is resolved. I currently cannot find an option in the nebula cloud which would enable this feature? It's very annoying to reenable the ports manually ;) 


  • Nebula_Jason
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    Hi @Waishon ,

    Thanks for supporting Nebula!

    In cloud mode, the interval of ErrDisable recovery is 300 seconds by default.

    It hasn't supported on Nebula CC to let user customize the interval yet.

    We will evaluate this feature for Nebula Switch.

    P.S. More Like on this post, higher priority to implement this feature.?

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