[NEBULA] can we verify the actual speed remote ? thank you .

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Hi Zyxel,

If there is any way we can do that verify the actual speed with internet ISP use NSG by remote ?

Thank you for your kind assistance.

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  • Zyxel_Chris
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    If you mean like the speed test then I'm sorry in current stage we cannot know the ISP bandwidth directly by NSG.


  • RUnglaube
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    In the dashboard you can get the current speed of you WAN links

    or in the gateway page

    Other than that, no "speedtest" is available, but you can help us supporting this request https://businessforum.zyxel.com/discussion/comment/9138#Comment_9138

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  • Mi0N
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    Hi Nebula / Chris / RUnglaube,

    Yes, we hope / request a good way to verify that how bandwidth speed of the gateway can reachable at that time window but by remote where is my office. remember, don't disturb the computer illiterater.

    thank you .

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