[NEBULA] Explaination of Nebula device ownership

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For Zyxel products, it is common for users to register/activate and keep track of their device under myZyxel. Likewise for Nebula, using myZyxel account to log in Nebula Control Center also links Nebula and myZyxel together.

When registering a Nebula device in NCC, the device will be registered into the Org. on NCC and also on myZyxel of the Org. owner's account.

What is the Owner?
Every Org. in NCC has an owner, the owner will be the account that created the organization. For example, if "John@zyxel.com" created an Org called John_Org, John@zyxel.com will be the owner of the John_Org. Any device registered under John_Org regardless of the admin doing it or which site, it will belong to the owner's myZyxel account upon registration.

So in the end, you will be able to see in your NCC inventory and in myZyxel device management page to see the devices you have.