[News] We heard you! Nebula Phase 2 features are coming soon~

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With the user-experience-first concept, Nebula is launching phase 2 features to better your working hours with Nebula! What’s more, some of them came from the “Ideas” that posted in the forum! :o Let’s see first what top features are coming.
  1. Support Limited Lifetime License
  2. Social Login with Facebook Account
  3. Quick Startup Wizard (your idea)
  4. License Calculator (before you buy)
  5. Multi-lingual Interface- Traditional Chinese
  6. More Different Role/Privileges for Administration (e.g. Installer)
  7. Schedule SSID Availability
  8. Specify SSID on Each AP (your idea)
  9. Support Device Batch Registration (your idea)
  10. Support DCS Scheduling
  11. Support VLAN Configuration on AP secondary LAN Port
  12. Support New Products: NSG50, NSW100-10, NSW100-28
Stay tuned, these updates are coming soon. Feel free to discuss now! =)