[NEBULA] Why the security Gateway doesn't work ?

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hello !

I installed NSG50 on my network.

One day, i changed the address of the network ( =>

But the change was not was effective right now and impossible to have the data of the network (dashboard) and change parameter. forced to reboot manually (with the button on/off) to repair this.

This week, my colleague change the location of the firwall. And the same issue arrived. again forced to reboot manually the firewall.

What is this problem ? DO you have a solution ? Thanks ! :)

(sorry for my bad english)

have a good day.

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    Hello @Socrux ,

    Welcome to the community!!

    It could be the dirty data in the device so the change cannot be applied, does the issues still persist? I'll PM you please check the Inbox message, thanks.?



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