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The NWA5123 series has a 4-pin console port. Where can I get the console cable?

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    Hi @dpipro

    Did you meet any question for NWA5123 series?

    For the console, you can buy it from amazon.

    Zyxel’s console header pin define: pin1 NA, pin2 White(RX),pin3 Green(TX), pin4 Black(GND), PS: Don’t connect red color pin to zyxel’s console pin.

    You can buy any USB-to-Serial Bridge TTL 3.3V for Zyxel’s console port, and reference header pin define to connect.

    Hope it helps.


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    Whats the PIN out plan for the devices? Is it all the same?
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    Hi @Pook,
    Yes, the PIN out plan is the same for Zyxel WLAN enterprise devices which use 4 pin console cables.
    Is there any problem when you use the cable?
    As previous post mentioned, please note that  DO NOT connect red color pin to zyxel’s console pin.  The pin 1 is NA, and please align it with the triangle mark of the AP console.