[NEBULA] NSG100 Move all services from WAN1 to WAN2

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To minimize the impact on a client, we want to seamlessly move all services from the current ISP on WAN1 to the new ISP on WAN2.

Both are static IP addresses.

We have changed a few DNS URL's to point to WAN2 IP and changed the port forward NAT rules to WAN2.

However, the LT2P VPN settings are not working on the WAN2 interface.

The device still shows the public IP being the WAN1 interface.

How do we fix the LT2P vpn to work on WAN2 ?

How do we get the NSG to show the Public IP as the WAN2 IP ?

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    Have you try to re-activate the L2TP? I got the same problem before and it can work.

    WAN IP should display in the security gateway page.?

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