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How often does the Dynamic DNS client update?

Is the logging that can be seen to check the client is connecting to the service correctly?

We use custom and have used the exact same setup as we use in the USGs and ATPs but on the NSG the hostname does not seem to be updating to reflect the changed WAN IP?


  • Zyxel_Chris
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    Hello @accurro

    DDNS will synchronize with the server when

    1. WAN IP changed.
    2. IP doesn't changed for 28 days
    3. re-activate the DDNS service

    We currently do not have the logs to check but it has in our roadmap, will enhance it in future.

    If you want to confirm the current DDNS status then can SSH to device with command line "show ddns-status", in this case you can re-activate the DDNS then use command line to confirm if it has update successfully.

    P.S: If IP does not changed then the update time will stay at last time it check. (update time won't changed.)

  • accurro
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    Thanks Chris will check this out

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