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Hi there

I have setup a rule (rule 4 in this case)

Policy - Allow

Protocol - Any

Source - Single address /32

Destination - Any

Dst Port - Any

Schedule - Name of schedule

The schedule is set to allow access from 16:00 until 21:00. This is the green bar, and availability set to on.

So i would assume that the green bar / schedule is when the rule is active? As the next rule ( rule 5) below the above rule is a deny rule for that single source.

What i am seeing in the logs is that at 16:30 for example that i am still denied (Priority 4 - which i assume is rule 4) which is the scheduled rule not the denied rule.

Looking for some guidance on the scheduling.


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    Hi @Hughie ,

    I try to reproduce the issue, but I don't see the same symptom.

    Here is my configuration for you to refer: ( is my PC)

    Policy Protocol Source Destination Dst port Schedule

    Allow Any any any NewSchedule

    Deny Any any any Always

    The profile of NewSchedule:

    Result: My PC can't ping until 11:30.

    If your configuration is correct on NCC but you still encounter the issue, please enable Zyxel Support(Help>Support request) and provide us your organization/site. We may help to check your configuration on your NSG.


    Click this link to start: https://bit.ly/3R2Wx52

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