[NEBULA] Orange LED and no access after firmware update on NWA1123-ACv2

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We recently purchased 5 NWA1123-ACv2 access points and added them to a new site in Nebula. All worked very successfully and the wireless was setup and working. After a few days the Nebula portal said that the firware was out of date on the access points so I let it update them by clicking on the 'upgrade now' button.

After a while four out of the five re-appeared and are working - although it is still saying the firmware is out of date. However one AP didn't come back up and today I had to go to site to look at it.

It was just sat there with a solid orange light on it. I powered cycled it many time and no difference. I have also pressed and held the reset button (with power both on and off while pressing) and it is still inactive with just a solid orange LED.

What can I do to reset it or make it active or is it dead and needs to be returned?

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