1-click button to enable/disable site-2-site vpn connection

FrankIversen Posts: 92  Ally Member
edited April 14 in Nebula
I would like to see a way to disable a site-2-site connection so we dont have every vpn-connections open to our customer all the time. we just want to enable the tunnels when we need it.
In this way, customers with same subnet won't be an issue since we dont have keep the tunnels open at the same time when we troubleshoots.


  • Nebula_Irene
    Nebula_Irene Posts: 139  Zyxel Employee
    Hi @FrankIversen

    We have taken this idea into consideration, it is on our roadmap now and the current schedule is in 2nd half of 2018. Cheers!

  • Nebula_Bayardo
    Nebula_Bayardo Posts: 224  Zyxel Employee

    A bit delayed than planned but we have released this functionality on Nebula! Not only for VPN site-to-site but also for firewall rules!

    Hope it becomes more handy for you guys! And many thanks to @FrankIversen for this awesome contribution.

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