MFA with l2tp ipsec client tunnels

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Is there any plans of supporting MFA with the client ipsec vpn tunnel using cloud authentication? it works very nice with regular Radius with the zyxel usg firewall.
I have asked the support at Censornet and they think this is intereseting and would like to participte in a test with Nebula if the cloud authenation also uses some kind of radius in the background which they support. Here is the mail I got from Censornet:

I have not been working with this product before.

Since it is a L2TP ipsec tunnel, i would say the chance is small, but i found this document.:!gwsViewDetail.action?articleOid=015899&lang=EN

This however do not reveal any details regarding how the radius protocol has been implemented. They must support XAUTH and Radius challenge response over the protocols PAP and/or MSChapV2.

I know that Zyxel Zywall 200 (USG200), has a perfect implementation of Radius. That does however not mean that the Nebula cloud do.

I can assist in a test, if needed.

Kind regards
Gunnar Hermansen

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