How to do bulk firmware upgrade for switches via ZON utility

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Is ZON utility capable of firmware upgrade for multiple devices (switches) at one time? 


Yes, via ZON utility you can do bulk upgrade simultaneously for devices of the exact same model since they must share the same firmware file.

Here are some advices before you do it:

  • The switches cannot have the same IP address.
  • Otherwise there will be successful upgrading only on one random switch among them in case they all have the same IP.
  • This is because the firmware upgrade action on ZON utility is sent with ZDP packet but actually still carried out with FTP transmission. So it's necessary to have different IP addresses to specify each devices. 
  • It's better to have an additonal switch (which is different model) to aggregate the switches that are about to undergo firmware upgrade. 
  • There is a chance that bulk upgrade is interrupted if the aggregation switch is also a subject since the packet forwarding may stop during the firmware upgrade process.

In below content we will demonstrate an example of how to bulk firmware upgrade two GS2210-8HP via ZON utility, we will use a GS1900-10HP as the aggregation switch:


Connect the two GS2210-8HP switches to the GS1900-10HP and make sure they have different IP addresses.

Connect your PC to the GS1900-10HP and initiate ZON utility to scan the devices.


Select both GS2210-8HP switches and click "Firmware Upgrade".


You should be able to see multiple subjects for upgrading, choose the firmware source and input the password, then click "OK" to start.


The process will start and then the switches will reboot by themselves to complete the upgrading.