[NEBULA] NAP Roaming test with Skype call using iPhone/Android phone

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Hi Community!

Recently we have some users and customers asking about roaming capability for NAPs, whether it performs well or not without some roaming features we have now in other Zyxel Wireless APs (such as RSSI threshold, 802.11r .. etc., btw It's on the roadmap!) . So we decided to do a roaming test and share results to everyone.

The test is performed with iPhone/ Samsung S7 / Xiaomi phone with Skype call active with non-stop voice from one end, roaming under three signal levels, full signal, normal and bad signal. While device configurations are common settings. The result performs nicely even without roaming features.

Let's continue below with details.

Devices Info:
We chose to use NAP102 as the most widely deployed model out there,
smartphones we use iPhone and Samsung as these are the most popular selling phones and a Xiaomi phone as another reference

SSID Settings:
We use concurrent setting and PSK as most common setup. Radio settings we leave as default.

Floor map and deployment:
Our testing environment are in a 20m x 30m area , with clear passage ways and soft interior walls
NAPs are 15 meter away from each other placed on an office desk.


  • The test is performed on 3 passages each with different signal strength. Each route is measured 5 times.
  • The color of the path indicates which AP the phone is connected while testing.
  • Change of color along the route means the phone roam to the other, below indicates the average point of roaming

Full signal coverage:
  • All three phones performs well, roams to the AP with better signal strength as expected, Xiaomi takes a bit more time and distance to roam, voice quality is not affected when roaming.
Normal Signal coverage(WIFI meter not full):
  • iPhone7 & SamsungS7 performs identically, roams to the AP with better signal strength as expected, voice quality is not affected when roaming.
  • Xiaomi sticks to AP more , thus it need more difference in signal strength to roam, voice quality is relatively worst, voice breaks sometimes upon roaming.
Bad signal(only 1 or 2 bar left on WIFI meter):
  • iPhone7 & SamsungS7 will disconnect WIFI when entering the lobby area
  • Xiaomi will keep connected to AP, but voice quality is bad.
VQ: Good = clear voice , Normal = minor voice breaking, still aware of the content , Bad = voice breaking and not clear of content


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    How to prove or ensure roaming works seamlessly?
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    Here it is. 

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