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i have nebula switch in my side 
xgs1930 gs1920 and xgs3800
all switch connect to nebula (all of them is green)
but some switch dont give me any info (dont show local ip , port info and traffic)
help please


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    Hi @mkuru ,

    We have received your ticket and replied you last week.
    In case you miss the mail, I copy it below:

    After checking your site, here is what I find in your site.
    1. I notice there are some broadcast storm and multicast storm logs on your Switches' event log.
    => Please help to check if there is any physical loop in your network.
    => You may check the port LED if all port LEDs are blinking at the same time and almost same frequency.
    => If you want to find out where the loop is, you may unplug all the cables from the core Switch of downlink first, and plug them back one by one to see which one may cause the loop. You may follow the issued link and use the same step(unplug and re-plug downlink cable) to find the root cause of loop.

    2. I find there was some IP conflict logs on some Switch before and I see you have configured them as static IP currently.
    => Hope you may check if there is still have other IP conflict in your network.
    => You may run ZON utility on your PC which connects to the Switch directly to scan IP of all Switches (ZON download link:https://www.zyxel.com/form/zon_utility_download.shtml)

    3. There was some logs that show time sync failed.
    => It may related to broadcast storm(loop), IP conflict, DNS server can't resolve 0.pool.ntp.org, or there is any firewall rule blocking UDP port 123.

    4. XS3800 is offline from the register day.
    => You may check if it gets DHCP IP or configure static IP.
    => Access the Switch via telnet/SSH(username/password: admin/1234 by default) and ping
    => Check if NCC discovery is enable, the location is at WebGUI > Basic setting > Cloud Management > Nebula Cloud Center Discovery.

    Hope it helps.
    Please also help to check your Spam folder to check if you miss our mail.
    You may reply us via mail for the follow up discussion.


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