[NEBULA] Nebula Switch Issue Announcement [August 30]

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Dear Nebula Users,

We have identified an issue which is causing the following symptoms, specifically to the Nebula Switch.
First of all, there’s no network service impact at this time.
It only affects management and monitor services of the Nebula Switch devices by the network administrators.

If you encounter the following symptoms, please power cycle the NSW device to re-establish connection with NCC.
• Device SYS and ALM indicators are blinking in green and red, respectively.
• Device info such as LAN IP and traffic usage is unable to show up.
• Configuration to NSW device cannot be established.
You will encounter momentary network down time during power cycle, but the network will recover in 3~5 minutes after the NCC connection process is completed.

We apologize for any service impact and inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards,
Nebula Support Team
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