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Dear Zyxel Community,
is there any experience to upgrade a USG60W from V4.35(AAKZ.2)ITS-WK01-r91300 to
4.35(AAKZ.3)C0 ?

e.g. is in 4.35(AAKZ.3)C0 a reduced set of fixes as in V4.35(AAKZ.2)ITS-WK01 ?
or has the AAKZ.3-C0 more fixes and a upgrade can be made without any known issues which can bring the operation to a standstill in the current situation ?

Thx for your exerience report

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  • ChrisGer
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    Thanks for your feedback. since 4.32 I have always been lucky that the official releases have been broken and require a high infest of time, to bring the device back on trail. :/
    The ITS versions provided by ZyXEL have brought the firewall back up and running ;)

    The update output via the console port.

    After Updateing and device reboot, you see the following messages....

    since 4.32 I had here several error messages and no message of a successful start with the new version.

    Send the community that developed and released v4.38 my best regards. the long running bug "update failed" seems to be fixed in v 4.38 =)

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    Haven;t had any issues with the .3 firmware on our client routers.

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