Nebula 2.0 not working in Edge

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I have moved across from Nebula 1.0 to 2.0 in Microsoft edge and although the dashboard loads I can not get into any of the devices menu's

Swap back is fine / Cleared cache - refreshed etc does not work.

Have had to move to chrome!! 



  • RUnglaube
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    Update it to the latest Microsoft Edge Chromium. It works just fine for me. I'm starting to prefer Edge over Chrome now 
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  • TomorrowOcean
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    I use new Microsoft Edge on Nebula 2.0 with no issue. 
  • Alcindo
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    I can confirm updating to the Chromium Edge version resolved the vertical menu bar issue.
  • Hughie
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    Have upgraded to Chromium and it is now working. The problem with Edge was replicated on two different PC's. The vertical menu did not appear.

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