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My networking knowledge is fairly basic - although I do know my way around IT more generally - and was looking to learn a bit more as I set-up my home network.

When I get my home broadband connection I was given a broadband router, a Zyxel VMG8924-B10A.  This worked okay but I had quite a few issues with wireless coverage, and tried a couple of alternative access points located in the centre of the house.  I also added quite a few hard wired points around the house - using CAT6 cable and wall plates.

I've now replaced the old AP with a Zyxel Wireless Accesspoint (NWA1123) and added a Zyxel 8-port unmanaged switch (GS1920-8HP).... both of which support Nebula management which I'm quite impressed with so far.

The VMG8924-B10A has a number of features; wifi and 4 physical ports (1 used to add switch to the internet) that I'm not really using and I wondered if there were other options that could also be managed through Nebula and whether they provided any advantages?  This is where some of my networking knowledge starts to fall short - what options have I got for replacing it and what do I need to think about?  I'm aware for example that the VMG8924-B10A provides other things like DHCP that I'm still going to need.  I'm not even sure what category of product I'd be looking for here, is it an ADSL modem or is it something else?

any observations gratefully received,

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    For DHCP and routing, I have only seen the NSG devices which also comes with security, and include at least 4 physical ports for LAN connection, but they don't have ADSL connection nor provide WiFi by themselves.
    You will need to get a modem that provides connection to the NSG using Ethernet or SFP, and for the WiFi you already have an Access point :)

    Good luck!

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    I use them for all NSG Firewalls on VDSL lines, much better than standard Open Reach Modems or Vigor 130 models.

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