[NEBULA] InterVLAN routing

MartyWalter Posts: 29  Freshman Member
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I need to route between Lan1 and Vlan7.

Lan1 Gateway

VLAN7 Gateway:

I have tried to set up a static route:
Type: Intranet
Protocol: Any
Source IP:
Source Port: Any
Destination IP:
Destination Port: Any
Next Hop:

I am able to ping IP addresses between networks, just not able to route data (i.e. web traffic between computers and PBX)

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  • Zyxel_Chris
    Zyxel_Chris Posts: 518  Zyxel Employee
    May I know if these 2 IPs are in the NSG or not, can you share your topology for me (you can post here or PM me)
    Is your issue that phone cannot register to the server, I assume that your phone and server are in these LANs (LAN1 and VLAN7)?
  • Zyxel_Chris
    Zyxel_Chris Posts: 518  Zyxel Employee
    I will PM you about the organization access privilege, please be aware the Inbox message.

  • Pook
    Pook Posts: 88  Ally Member
    What was the fix?
  • Zyxel_Chris
    Zyxel_Chris Posts: 518  Zyxel Employee
    Because I didn't receive the response from this user therefore the root cause is unclear.


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