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is it possible to configure a NSG 50 in bridged mode? I need to install a firewall in a network without changing internal ip addresses...

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  • Alfonso
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    Hi @Paolino1200

    Welcome to the forum.

    I am not expert but i do not think NSG50 could be configured in bridged  mode.

    If you show us your environment, perhaps we could give you another options.

  • Thx for your answer Alfonso, my customer has a dvr and another security device behind  a fastweb router. this router is configured with port forwarding and Nat towards that internal devices. To improve security we need to install a firewall without changing router configuration and ip address of internal devices. 
  • TomorrowOcean
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    How about configuring router mode for NSG?
    In my understanding, router mode will not change the source IP to NSG's WAN IP when LAN client's traffic goes through WAN interface.
    But, you might need to configure routing policy on other devices to let them know the client is behind NSG.

    Maybe you may share your topology and what you expect. 

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